My View on Television and My Habits Surrounding it

I can honestly say that these day, I do not watch television live anymore. If I do, it will be at the gym, and I’ll usually position myself to watch ESPN or CNN. The reason I choose those networks is because I enjoy sports highlights, and would like to keep informed on world events.

This is not to say that I do not watch TV otherwise. I do keep up with a few shows, but for various reasons, I do not watch them as they are broadcast. One such show is Friday Night Lights. This show used to be on Cable, but Direct TV got a timed exclusive on it for the fall, with Cable able to broadcast it in the spring. By then, it is available on various digital distribution mediums, so I end up just downloading or streaming it.

I’ll also watch old shows that are available for streaming on netflix, Hulu, or DVD. I guess you could say I’m more of a nostalgic when it comes to television entertainment, because I honestly don’t find the modern TV direction to be appealing. That is, to say, I don’t like that everything has to be some super hyped fad.

Does anyone recall when Twilight first came out in theaters? How many vampire shows came out right after that? True Blood and Vampire Diaries to name two, both at the same time on different channels. How about Zombie Land? Now we have an influx of zombie shows, games, and movies. 300 brought us Rome, Spartacus, and other Roman.Greek themed shows. Everything seems to come in waves, and everything has to have some epic scale to it.

Of course, this is not a modern phenomenon. Television has been feeding off of popular hype for a long time, as it generally makes for good ratings. When Star Trek: The Next Generation proved that sci-fi could cut it on television once again, a host of sci-fi shows came to follow, most notably Babylon 5 and Fire Fly. Now that Star Trek shows have gone the way of the dinosaur, I don’t see anymore sci-fi sitcoms being produced, but a Star Wars live action show may bring us a new wave.

With each wave, I can only roll my eyes and brace myself for the oversaturation of each theme. It really is unfortunate, because I believe this causes a rift between viewer audiences and produces worse ratings than they could be. A lot of good shows have had their lives cut short because of poor ratings, having to compete with other shows simply because they involve the exact same theme with a slightly different angle.


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