The Trend of Theaters

The movie going experience is something that has changed for me in recent years. With ticket prices reaching 9 dollars for a standard adult, it’s hard to see every movie I want. On top of that, you can add on additional charges if the movie is IMAX or 3D or both, and then you’re looking at spending around 15 dollars just for one ticket. I often remember watching TV as a child, and seeing teenagers in shows ask their parents for a 20 to take a date to a movie. These days, you’d have to ask for a 50, and that still might not cover food and gas along with the show.

I cannot remark on the recent trends in movie going. All I know is that I only go to movies I absolutely want to experience on the big screen. No matter how good home entertainment technology gets, it can’t duplicate seeing an epic on the big screen with surround sound and real movie theater pop corn. If there’s a well reviewed action flick out, I’ll usually see if I can get some friends together to check it out. If not, I won’t go to see it alone.

I think that a lot of people approach going to the theaters like this now. Its true that the big hits are making more money than ever, but movies don’t have the staying power they used to, and the spread isn’t as wide anymore. Something to note is that a lot of these big hit movies are based on trends. Ever since Star Wars Episode I came out, more and more trends of movies based on books or other past works have been coming and going. Lord of the Rings, Spider Man, Harry Potter, and Twilight are all big money making movie series based on something else. These all have pre-existing fan bases, which may be part of the reason they make so much money, despite not necessarily being the best films out at the time.


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