Internet business and commerce has been a huge emerging part of the internet and every day life. More and more ways to shop and do business online pop up as time goes on, often times attempting to make things easier, faster, and better.

Some people may remember Amazon’s humble beginning as an online bookstore. Yes, it may be hard to imagine today, now that Amazon sells just about everything our planet has on it, but it was just a book store at first. When it first appeared, I didn’t believe in it as a viable business. Back then, I didn’t think that there were enough people online to support it, or that people would want to shop for books online. After all, for me, part of the book shopping experience was reading the previews on the back or inside cover.

Today, I find myself shopping online as much as possible. It’s convenient, and saves a lot of time, particularly on new, hot items that may be sold out in some places. I will usually find myself only buying something in the store if its something I can’t wait to have, but that is very rare these days, as I find myself too busy to even enjoy items when I get them at first.

Society has indeed suffered at the hands of these online retailers. Malls and department stores have been declining in certain areas, and former giants like CompUSA and Circuit City have both died out in recent years, along with some smaller stores, like Sam Goody and Suncoast. Bookstores in particular have been suffering, with more things to compete with than just online retailers. Now they have digital books to contend with, and both of the big names in America now have their own personal e-book readers and stores to keep in the fight.

What’s more is how newer types of purchasing media online has affected not just how we shop, but how we live and experience our entertainment. It used to be the only way to experience entertainment at home was to have some kind of physical copy, requiring space for a library of tapes, DVDs, CDs, and other forms of entertainment. Now, we have ways to purchase digital forms of music and movies, and store them on small devices like iPODs and computers. The iPOD has become so huge, in fact, it has become synonymous with music and MP3s, even though it didn’t invent either. People don’t ask if you have an MP3 player, or radio. They ask what kind of iPOD you have. This has caused a huge shift in the music industry, and its one that a lot of musicians and record labels have been trying to fight, or been slow to accept.

Ultimately, this trend is going to continue. People have become too accustomed to shopping online, be it for the convenience, selection. or better prices. Society has already adapted, and businesses have been catching up, making moves to stay in business.


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