Why Wi-fi

Wi-fi has been spreading over the years, in more ways than one. It has been becoming faster, more widespread, and free, for the most part.

A few years ago, wifi hotspots were only offered at the largest name brand places like McDonalds, Starbucks, and airports. These services, however, usually required a paid service by the providers, which were typically cellphone companies such as T-mobile and ATT. At this time, I found the technology very limited, and clumbersome. It was a pain to use, even if you could find a place that had it, and I didn’t ever use it, unless I had a deadline coming up, and had no other means of using the internet.

Today, I can go to just about any coffee shop or open atmosphere restaurant and find free wi-fi. These services are still provided by cellphone companies at the name brand chains, but smaller privately owned places have caught up with their own broadband routers to offer the same service. Now, I take my laptop out to places and use it to connect to the internet all the time. I even sometimes choose to go out to study instead of stay at home because I’m so confident that I’ll find a place with internet access for me to use.

I think that this growing trend is a good thing. As wi-fi continues to expand, people will become more and more connected to what goes on over the internet as well as communicate more readily. This could lead to new ways of doing business, keeping in touch, and even bring new developments in internet programming as well as advertising and entertainment. In fact, there are games on portable devices like the Nintendo DS and iPhone that actually detect wifi hotspots and use them to determine your location. The games may alter certain details or events in response to where you are because of this wifi feature.

No matter what happens from here, I think the future of wi-fi is something to look forward to.


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