Technology and Society

Submission Field : I believe that technology’s role in society will continue to expand its current reach and branch off in new directions. Thanks to the ever expanding wireless technology, there has been a stronger emphasis on the here and now in terms of information delivery over the internet. What we once did in our spare time has now become something we do regularly for work, school, and leisure.

Not only are we using technology more, but we’re also using it in different ways. Technology is being integrated into everything, making things more convenient, more intelligent, and more robust. We can order movie tickets, plane tickets, food at restaurants, and look up information at terminals using newly introduced technologies. There are mroe advancements being developed with the ever expanding wireless internet networks of cell companies. Smart phones have a nearly limitless number of possible uses as people program more and more apps to handle any sort of task people can think of.

That is not to say there aren’t any bumps ahead. As technology further integrates, the digital divide also grows. Those who can’t keep up may find themselves further and further behind the curve, where even doing simple tasks may be more difficult than before.


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