Tax Season: The Christmas for adults

Having just spent a couple hundred dollars at the dentist, and receiving options to handle my wisdom teeth, I’m thankful its tax season. Tax season is that time of year where working adults file their complete finances and find out just how much the government should have taxed them for the past year based on many other factors and programs.

For most people, this is a time to get back some money from the government, and for a working student, that can be quite a lot. I know students are looking forward to getting money back for many reasons, although saving it for tuition is always the most popular.

People at work talk about making big purchases, like TVs or sound systems. So I look at this is another christmas for adults, where they give themselves a big gift. I wonder if I’ll be like that come tax season once I’m out of school and no longer need to save my return for tuition.


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    Christmas in….February?

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