One man’s selfishness points to weakness of the system

CNN reported on the possible murder suicide of Josh Powell and his two sons. This is another piece of an investigation involving the 2009 disappearance of his wife, and stands as evidence of his unyielding selfishness.

Under the pressure of being the primary suspect of his wife’s disappearance and possible murder, Powell felt the need to end his own life because he was “not able to go on anymore.” It is sickening that he would try to play the victim, and extract sympathy from his friends and family from beyond the grave, but that was a small drop in the bucket of his selfishness. Killing himself for attention wasn’t enough; he also had to take his two sons with him, chopping their necks and burning them alive with him in their home.

This kind of tragedy is the worst outcome for a criminal case, and it screams loudly for a change in the system. In two years of investigation and custody battles, the legal system didn’t see this coming. As CNN’s report shows, there were troubling signs, but the custody battle had not been concluded, and Powell was never formerly accused of the suspected crime.

Our legal system is bogged down with thousands of regulations, clauses, and technicalities, and we’re aware of that. Our country stands for liberty above all, with justice taking a back seat at times. Strong arm laws just aren’t accepted here, but I think this cause forms an argument for one. In a case such as this, where a parent is the primary suspect of the disappearance and/or murder of the other, the children should be taken care of by a third party until the outcome of that case is met.

People make argue for their rights to have their kids, but the country, by law, puts the rights of others before the rights of the individual. This is to insure safety from threat and harm, and that is exactly what happened here. Endangerment of these children was plainly obvious, and I can’t help but blame our system for this oversight.


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