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Unto the breach of the madness

Unto the breach of the madness

Here we go!


Creole is the soul of food in NOLA

Creole is the soul of food in NOLA

After 12 hours on the road, it was nice to sit down for a real meal. Skipping the bigger corporate chain restaurants, we opted for a mom and pop joint that served classic creole cuisine. It also had an Italian espresso bar. The odd combination gave the place a unique feel and diverse crowd. It clearly has a strong regular following from the people who work/live close by. They knew a lot of their customers by name

Everryone here was friendly and supportive of the Cards. It doesn’t get any more down home than this.

Road to the final four part 4

New Orleans hooooooooo!

Road to the final four part 3

Back on the road to new Orleans early in the morning. Met some fellow fans in the hotel with no blue in sight!

Cards eye view road to New Orleans part 2

After an hour of traffic and a refill of gas, I’m back on the road to New Orleans. This time I touch base with one of my companions on the teams, match ups, and who we’re rooting for.

New Orleans Final Four trip!

On my way to see the big games in New Orleans!

U of L and U of K take college sports to a whole new level.

After tonight’s win, U of K finished setting up a sports fan’s dream. A final four game between U of L and U of K. This is something that’s always talked about, but perhaps only in jest. The very idea is highly improbable, as good as both teams have been throughout their histories. These great rivalries meeting in championships, or in this case, the next biggest game, are what we always want, but hardly ever get.

Just look at pro sports, which often times have much more control over the quality of their teams. Ever since Eli Manning entered the NFL, there have been whispers of an all Manning super bowl, pitting the brothers against each other in a match for the ages. And in fact, both of the brothers have gone to, and won, the super bowl since that day, but haven’t met. The same can be said for LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. The fans want it. The NBA wants it. Both of them have been to the Finals, but again, the instances didn’t match up.

Indeed, this is the one time in my memory that such a lauded rivalry is going to be aired out at such a high level. Next weekend, there will be no more talk of what ifs. They’ll be playing for keeps, and the winner will be talking about it for the next year and beyond, because good luck seeing the stars align again. This match up between the two same state schools brings its historic rivalry to an already big game, and the bragging rights will be monumental.

So get ready. This final four game will be like none other ever played. Take everything you know about Louisville vs Kentucky, and kick it up another ten notches. Go to the grocery store to stock up right now. Get your t-shirts before they’re all gone. Sports history is going to be made in one week. The kind of history that could very well not happen again for a very long time.