Obama’s Attack on Romney Makes This Election a Fool’s Game

The presidential election is always a pllace of ultimate scrutiny, and 2012 is more of the same. While we would like to think the presidency is about leadership and policy making, it is a candidates personal qualities that seem to fall under the microscope. Obama’s recent attacks on Romney, pointing at the lack of tax disclosure, however, is a Fool’s game

It’s no secret that to win an election the candidates need to swing the masses in their favor. Rather than play on their own strengthens though, it is more common to see the the players attack their opponents’ apparent weaknesses. Obama’s attacks on Romney has done just that, but the people being moved are being fooled.

Lack of disclosure is a weak argument to knock someone down. In doing so, Obama’s camp has offered no evidence of wrong doing, instead simply claiming that Romney “must be hiding something.” This gives Romney’s camp a lot of room to maneuver, as they don’t have to refute any evidence. The coming days could prove the folly ofthis tactic. It is up to Obama’s camp to use this time to prepare something real to talk about.


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