TGS Proves Sony Still Doesn’t Get It

Sony held their press conference at TGS yesterday. With Microsoft not attending, and Nintendo having done all of their Wii U announcements last week at their own event, it was Sony’s chance to bring the boom with all attention on them. Out of all the announcements of new Vita colors, slimmed PS3s, and lack of games, one thing was made clear: Sony Still Doesn’t Get It. Sony refuses to get it. Sony will probably never get it.

This is nothing against the slimmed PS3. That’s a good thing. Sony is cutting down their manufacturing costs to increase profits per unit. Not having a price drop, however, in the wake of the Wii U launch? That is foolish, and shows they have that same damned arrogance from back when their stock was worth 112 dollars a share.For those who’ve been under a rock the past year, their stock is now at 13 dollars, and that’s after a considerable RISE. No, the issue comes with their holiday bundle push. They’ll be offering up “Special bundles” with Uncharted 3 or Assassin’s Creed 3. Good, great. A bundle with one of Sony’s top exclusives, and another with one of the most anticipated games of the holiday season. The issue? They both come bland blank black systems (The B3 bomber).



This, above all else, really shows Sony is just too damn inept to survive in today’s world. They have time and time again served up special bundles with the same bland black systems. The 360, on the other hand, has served up many bundles with special limited edition consoles with unique looks. To illustrate, MS is going to release this consoles around the same time as Sony’s offerings:



Do you see the difference? Do you see who’s trying harder to make system sales rather than being full of it and thinking they can be lazy? Heck, even Nintendo offered a special edition Wii for it’s 25th anniversary for Mario. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Who want’s something like that in their living room? Well, for those who aren’t gamers, let me be straight with you, gamers don’t really think about living room aesthetics. They just want stuff that looks cool on their own. There are also collectors that will gobble up any special edition they can. These kinds of things are effective marketing tools, and marketing is something Sony has failed at for over a decade.

An example of how powerful a prettied up console can be as a sales driver. Microsoft offered a special edition Panzer Dragoon Orta console in japan only. Only 999 units were offered through pre-orders through a Sega Direct. These 999 units sold out in a day, in a country that treated the XBox like it was cancer.


It really is baffling that Sony has been so slow or timid to offer limited edition consoles, at least in the US. Japan has gotten numerous special edition consoles, and all have been desired by fans in the US and EU. Sony just seems to expect people to buy their stuff with no need of bonuses or smart marketing. Hopefully, with the PS4, they’ll finally realize everything tipped in their favor can lead to a system sale.


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