128 Days Later

ArmaDevs_32334_screenAfter 128 days in a Greek jail, two video game developers were released after posting bail and returned home to the Czech Republic.

The two Bohemia Interactive developers were originally arrested on suspicion of espionage after they were found photographing and recording footage of a Greek military base on the island of Lemnos. The island is the setting for their company’s upcoming title, Arma III, and they claim they were collecting reference material.

While it’s good to see two potentially innocent men released on bail, their trial still looms. This also should make everyone wonder why they thought they could freely record photographs and video of a military base without permission.

When this story originally broke, everyone was quick to jump on it. There was a hard line separating people arguing for tourists to be left alone and to spend time and money on real problems, and the people arguing that they feel safer knowing their government takes home defense so seriously. I think that everyone should realize that no time or money is wasted when people are arrested for activities such as this. Military bases watch their borders. The troops are already there to do their duty. No resources were pulled from somewhere else to arrest these two men.

If they are found to be innocent, their 128 days will be recorded as a tragic misunderstanding, but I don’t think they’re free of guilt, even if things end this way. They should have been smarter, and used official channels to get their source materials.

I know how much people hate the idea of big brother watching over their shoulder at all times. Personally, I think it’s better to know your government isn’t allowing foreigners to do whatever they please around military installations.



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