The World is Interested in Why the iPhone 5 Sucks

worldhatesiphoneThe world outside of the USA seems interested in the iPhone 5’s shortcomings

On today, this grand MLK day that includes Barack Obama’s public inauguration as the United States President, I could have written another post about it to add to the millions out there. Truth be told, I do have some insight into it, living within the DC Metro area now, but I think people have plenty of over-saturation to dig through as is.

So, Instead, I’m going to show an interesting day of traffic to this little blog. Yesterday, this blog received 26 hits, all of them from outside of the USA, and all of them to my post about why the iPhone 5 sucks. Apparently, Americans or content with their little white bubble of a company, but everyone else takes interest in its smudges.

That post has been a rather popular one compared to my others. It always gets a few hits each day, often times in the double digits. And just to validate my complaints, some of the search entries were actually seeking information on if/why the battery life is so bad. It is not an illusion.

I don’t mean to come back to this topic again, so consider this my word that the iPhone 5 won’t receive another post, barring some kind of crazy event, like all Apple devices getting texts announcing Steve Jobs’ passing away during a debate on Steve Jobs’ place in American history during debate class. Yeah, that happened. It was awkward.


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