When Dreams Become Reality

The impossible has come true, thanks to Disney.

The impossible has come true, thanks to Disney.

Back in October, Disney blew our minds when it acquired Lucas Films and announced Episode VII-IX on the same day. It was one of those times when you saw the news and had to check first if you were dreaming, and then if it was actually April 1st, and you blacked out 6 months of memory. Now, it’s happening all over again.

After months of searching, rumors, and people bowing out, Disney found their director in one J. J. Abrams. Yes, the same man in charge of the current run of Star Trek films is also now the man in charge of the new Star Wars trilogy. It’s Star Wars versus Star Trek in a very strange way, a way even the most imaginative kids only dared to dream about. Oddly enough, it also continues a rather strange relationship between Paramount and Disney that started when the Big D acquired Marvel.

There are many things that are often talked about as the dream team of team-ups, cross-overs, and genre defining rivals.  Street Fighter vs Mortal Combat, Marvel vs DC, Mario vs Sonic, Star Wars vs Star Trek. Slowly, but surely, the new age of entertainment has brought some of those clashes together. Marvel and DC are preparing to duke it out in 2015 with Avengers 2 squaring off with the first Justice League movie. Mario and Sonic have teamed up since Sega dropped out of the hardware race. And now Star Wars and Star Trek will battle it out for sci-fi fan base supremacy.

This is causing science fiction fans to either cheer, jeer, or enter a speculative meditation over which side of the coin they fall on. As someone that grew up watching both, I can tell you this is an exciting time. Star Trek has been brought into the mainstream brilliantly, and now Star Wars has a chance to be given new life in the same way. Lines are sure to be drawn, but for the space movie junkie, there’s rarely been such a bright future in the dark expanse.

Oh, and I uploaded my little photoshop so you can click on it to see the full size version and use as you please.


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