The Game That Went Into Tomorrow

Notre Dame tops Louisville in biggest thriller of the Men's Basketball season.

Notre Dame tops Louisville in biggest thriller of the Men’s Basketball season.

It took five overtimes for something to finally give between Louisville and Notre Dame. When everything was said and done, the date was the 10th, and not the 9th it began on. As is with all games in all sports that go into tomorrow, this match-up will be remembered for its intensity, heart, and thrilling finishes.

In perhaps the most thrilling game in men’s basketball this year, Notre Dame and Louisville took it to five overtimes before ND finally came out on top. 101-104.  For Notre Dame, it was a big win to move up in the rankings. For Louisville, it was a hard lesson in closing out games, which is something they’ve struggled with all year.

With 40 seconds to go, and a lead of 7, victory was nearly assured. However poor defense, and suddenly cold hands allowed ND to come back and force the first improbable OT. What transpired since was a back and forth game fought tooth and nail, with neither leading by more than three down the stretch. Each overtime ended with nail biting plays. Every basket was answered in kind. This was the kind of game we hope to see every night. It’s just too bad we left without the win.


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