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America the Wasteful

Having been born and raised in America, I’ve been exposed to quite a broad spectrum of personalities, cultures, and walks of life. Being a prosperous nation in the thick of the global rat race can make it pretty easy to let things fall to the way side.

The past decade has been full of initiatives and messages towards going green, recycling, saving energy, and producing less waste. I’ll be the first to admit that I have not been active in this movement, but I do try to produce as little waste as I can. So I am rather neutral in this issue, but what I saw today really irked me.

I am sitting at Starbucks as I write this, having finished yet another wave of job applications and cover letters. What I have been watching is customer after customer using 2-3 wooden stirrers for their drinks. I really have to wonder where this kind of wasteful behavior comes from where a person grabs an abundant amount of anything to do a simple task. These same people are taking handfuls of napkins to wipe the smallest spills, as if the thought of their hands getting a little damp from using only one is unacceptable. One of these people is even wearing a t-shirt proclaiming they drive an electric car. Is that a proclamation of pride, or defensive message to show he’s balancing the wastefulness he’s displaying right now?

I don’t mean to come off as some kind of pro-earth nut, but I love my planet, and I love being in a clean city. So exercise some common sense, and use only what you need. I think your hand can afford a couple extra twists to mix in that non-fat milk.