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Jumping the Gun – Making a Mole Into a Mountain to Overshadow What’s Important


Just over a month ago, the nation was shaken by the Sandy Hook shootings.  It was the worst school shooting since the infamous Columbine shooting first put such tragedies under the microscope in America. In the aftermath, the usual battles on the political stage are taking place, using the tragedy as a shameless tool to further agendas.

The usual arguments over gun control, gun laws, and school safety took center stage right away. People were quick to look for a simple answer in the form of a scapegoat. In the midst of this, the Sandy Hook facts were twisted and used in such a way that the truth has been lost somewhere in the turmoil. The number of weapons, type of weapons, and placement of weapons have all changed several times according to whose telling you about it. There exists a shotgun, an AR-15 assault weapon, and anywhere from one to four handguns that may, or may not have been used, but were all present in the vicinity of the school. The only detail that hasn’t changed is that the shooter, Adam Lanza, committed suicide with a handgun shot to the head.

This is a troubling pill to swallow as the argument continues. How is it that the agendas have become so important, and the people behind them so adamant that they no longer care about the truth? What good does it do to try to push change when you ignore what’s really important? No amount of gun control or gun laws would have prevented this shooting. An armed guard would not have prevented it from beginning. The guns were legally owned by Lanza’s mother, and he had to use them to even enter the school through the locked door before the killing began.

Things would be different if he’d obtained the guns himself, but he didn’t. America must look at the other aspects of this tragedy if they truly desire working to prevent future incidents. Our society is hurting, and in need of real healing. ¬†People have developed this notion that it’s best to turn your cheek on something because it’s “not your business.” Turning around and closing your eyes doesn’t make the problem go away. If people are suffering, we should be reaching out and helping them, not shrugging our shoulders and trying to convince ourselves with figures of speech.

The law is there to protect us. It is up to us to help ourselves and each other.