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NCAA Final Four Post game previews

Sneak peak at the kind of highlights I’m editing for the post game. Its too bad we lost, but it was still an amazing experience. Here’s to an amazing season for the Cardinals.


Unto the breach of the madness

Unto the breach of the madness

Here we go!

Creole is the soul of food in NOLA

Creole is the soul of food in NOLA

After 12 hours on the road, it was nice to sit down for a real meal. Skipping the bigger corporate chain restaurants, we opted for a mom and pop joint that served classic creole cuisine. It also had an Italian espresso bar. The odd combination gave the place a unique feel and diverse crowd. It clearly has a strong regular following from the people who work/live close by. They knew a lot of their customers by name

Everryone here was friendly and supportive of the Cards. It doesn’t get any more down home than this.

Road to the final four part 4

New Orleans hooooooooo!

New Orleans Final Four trip!

On my way to see the big games in New Orleans!

Apple starts another war with the iPad3

Yes, the day we saw coming months ago has finally arrived. Apple has thrown its hoopla event to announce the iPad3. With it comes the usual tech upgrades that were rumored long ago. This year brings the retina display, 4G LTE with hotspot hosting, and better processors and cameras.

That’s not what we’re here about, however. Let’s talk about the real issue Apple’s announcement events cause. The issue is this, we’re all stupid, judging, self important jackasses. Yes, I’ll call myself out on this one, because I’m always down for some XBox bashing, even though I’ve owned one.

So why do I say this? What’s the one thing you can count on whenever Apple announces a new product? Its not people upgrading after one year. That’s just assumed. The one thing you can count on is people taking sides, jacking their assumptions to the extreme, and calling each other. This one is a time honored classic between the Applefans and haters.

Just go to any site that has a report on the iPad3 announcement. I guarantee you that every article will have hundreds of comments all saying the same thing. “The iSheep will fall in line,” “I’m waiting for the iPad9,” “At least its not like an Android every month,” and other black and white comments that leave just about everyone ignorant. Are we really so bitter about these products or the alternatives that we have to spit out such inane banter? Everyone step back, and chill the hell out.

Seriously. The people that come out every time Apple announces a product preaching fire and brimstone about how Apple does this every year and blah blah blah need to wake the hell up. First off, they’re posting these comments on a computer, something that is updated EACH YEAR by the makers, or if its prebuilt, contains components that are updated EACH YEAR. Are people really so oblivious to the world around them that they think Apple is the only company that does annual updates? They probably didn’t even invent that business concept. Cars have been doing it for decades.

Sticking to tech, allow me to list the consumer electronics companies off the top of my head that do annual product line updates. Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, Dell, IBM/Lenovo, nVidia, ATI, Sharp, Pioneer, Acer, Asus, Nikon, Canon, Phillips, and HP. That’s just the tip of the iceberg too. Seriously, everyone does it with their products, because its smart business. Its the perfect time frame for these kinds of upgrades. It gives ample time for technology to advance, but isn’t so long as to fall behind the competition. There is no great evil over what Apple is doing here.

Granted, Applefans aren’t only victims. They can be as blind as the haters when they want to be, and days like today are ripe for that kind of behavior. Yes, its true, iSheep do exist, and any sensible Applefan will admit that. The iSheep are the ones that really white knight it up for Apple, and display blind faith. It’s okay to love a company and its products, but don’t be stupid about it. Apple isn’t flawless, nor is it uncanny genius. Apple utilizes intelligent design and brilliant marketing to create its success. Its crusade-like approach to marketing its brand image has really paid off.

I’ll give it to you straight. I don’t like Apple computers. If there was no marketing at all, I’d think iPods were stupid. A wheel control? WTF? I had no interest in anything Apple, but even I have to admit their marketing made everything look really sweet. So after years of experiencing their marketing, I bought my one and only Apple product, the iPhone 4. I also have an iPad, but that was a gift.

So, as an owner of Apple’s two most polarizing products, I can honestly say, both sides are being downright retarded with their war of words. Neither of them is doing anything to change minds or further their own front line. They’re just sitting at their computers spitting digital fire. So sit back and grab your popcorn. Let the war rage on!

Tax Season: The Christmas for adults

Having just spent a couple hundred dollars at the dentist, and receiving options to handle my wisdom teeth, I’m thankful its tax season. Tax season is that time of year where working adults file their complete finances and find out just how much the government should have taxed them for the past year based on many other factors and programs.

For most people, this is a time to get back some money from the government, and for a working student, that can be quite a lot. I know students are looking forward to getting money back for many reasons, although saving it for tuition is always the most popular.

People at work talk about making big purchases, like TVs or sound systems. So I look at this is another christmas for adults, where they give themselves a big gift. I wonder if I’ll be like that come tax season once I’m out of school and no longer need to save my return for tuition.