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It Snowed!

I may have taken almost the entire winter, but it has finally snowed here in Louisville! Sure, its all going to melt when ┬áit this 60 degrees tomorrow, but we’ve dodged the bullet of “The Year Winter Never Came”. You know its been a strange season when waking up to seeing snow is genuinely shocking.

That said, ?I have seen a lot of variance in the weather in my five years in Louisville. For one, last winter was very bad for cold and snow. It was more akin to a Wisconsin winter than a Kentucky winter. This year saw no snow until now, and was unseasonably warm the entire time.

Winter isn’t the only season to see some big swings either. Last summer saw a month of solid rain that resulted in floods followed by extremely dry June and July months. The summer before that was 90 degrees the whole stretch, and even reached into Fall. I still remember being out in November and wondering if it was ever going to get down to warm, let alone cool.

So this winter may be strange by itself, but taken in with the past three years, it really is just another piece of a very strange puzzle. Is this an Omen for 2012 being a reality? Hell no, and if you believe that crap, go away!