Welcome to the video section. I’ve been editing videos as a hobby for a little over a decade now, and have started to upload some of them to YouTube. YouTube is a great place for sharing videos, but isn’t the best for describing them, discussing, or writing about how the videos came to be. So I’ve decided to share my videos here, along with my thoughts on them, and why I made them.

Assassin’s Creed III – Promentory

This series has been around fir five years now, spanning hundreds of years of history in Europe and the Middle East. The latest title will be headed to America for the first time, and will feature the revolutionary war with a Native American protagonist. I found it fitting that a video to “Last of the Mohicans'” “Promentory” be made, and started cutting the videos for it. With so little footage from ACIII available, I decided to include video from the past games in the series to chronicle the adventures of the bloodline that serves as the series’ focus. The result will be familiar to those who remember the not-so-old Nike Football commercial.

When making this video, the most obvious issue was that the song is nearly seven minutes long, which is a tad long for a simple trailer. Shortening a song is always hard to do, even if it has several sequences repeated. This involved me cutting each sequence separately and shaving them by 32nds of a second to get rid of any stuttering where the final piece was spliced. I actually opted to skip the entire second half when most of the instruments stop playing and the pace is much slower. The only part from that half is the very end of the song. The Nike Football commercial actually does something similar, except, in order to fit everything into a one minute commercial they overlap the sections in addition to cutting out parts.

In terms of video, I didn’t do anything fancy with this one. Some shots were flipped, slowed down, and sped up to create a fluidity between the changing scenes.


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